Why support music?

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First off, music has cultural importance that connects to the individual’s rites of passage. These milestones in life can provide us with uplift such as the song that was playing the first time you saw your spouse or some joyful song you danced to at a celebration. Songs can teach us morality in subtle ways as we try not to hurt someone we must leave. In the overview songs assure us that we are all human and the same feelings are created in each of us from a beautiful melody or sensuous rhythm. Music therefore brings us together as a society, and can even shape the direction of that society.

Second, as we become more involved with music we become more interested in learning how it is made. Although it looks simple, every child that has climbed on to a drummer’s throne has learned that drums are difficult to coordinate into music. All music is an incentive to learn discipline, for it is by discipline that each of us learns to play.

Third, music teaches us the creative process as we strive to advance from mimicking an existing song into generating something new to call out own. This creative process generally can be learned and therefore applied to other fields such as business or machining or human relations, fields which have an impact on our wealth and well being.