Open Mic Rules

Welcome to the TERRA CAFE OpenMic hosted by A.J. Silverberg, Bill “Garfield” Medei, and Please consider the following points to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Please respect all performers. Pay attention to the performance, if you need to talk or practice your instrument, please go outside to the patio, away from the entrance so no one inside can hear you. Respecting the performer also entails sticking around after your performance to see what others have to say. After all, these people sat through your gig, please return that favor. We are here to support each other.

Respect your own performance. Have all your material ready, don’t spend valuable stage time rifling thru your folio searching for the songs or poems you want to perform. Tune your instrument before getting on stage. Tuning between songs is understandable, but your axe should be tuned for the first song. If your act uses profanity don’t take the stage if there are children in the audience. Ask to be skipped and brought up after they leave. Please don’t bring drinks on stage. Your host will be happy to hand you water if you get dry, but you must let him store it after your sip. Liquids damage equipment. And if you can’t live without a beer for 15 minutes please seek professional help.

Respect the CAFE. Consider this event a party, ask your friends and relatives to join you, come early and enjoy a our ambiance together. If you like what the Terra Cafe is doing for our creative community, show your support by making us your home away from home.

Recording. TERRA CAFE is a great place to record for YouTube and we encourage it. In fact, recording can help protect your material much like a copyright because it proves you performed this song in front of these witnesses on this date. Your host can provide you with a direct feed from the mixer if you like. There are times when RainbowDriveStudios or its agent may record live sessions for future broadcast over radio or “best of” CDs. If you do not wish to be part of that, please tell your host as you take the stage.

We hope these suggestions seem rational to you, and you take them to heart. The people of TERRA CAFE want you to enjoy each other and become inspired by each other’s creativity. We want you to develop your stage craft and return often. We look forward to working with you. Let’s have fun.