Rainbow Drive Studios offers a full range of services to musicians: rehearsal studios, 24 track digital recording, mix downs, copyright support, and live sound PA systems to get the show on the road. Rainbow Drive Studios takes special pride in helping new talent discover and refine their abilities, and working with people who have never recorded before. Bill “Garfield” Medei currently hosts the Open Mic at the WILDFLOWER CAFE in Bethlehem where he has helped dozens, if not hundreds, of people perform live for the first time. But the real strength of the studio is in capturing the excitement of existing bands. The Yamaha AW4416 can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, allowing the band members to express themselves as they interact during the recording process, thereby creating a sense of the immediate while still maintaining track integrity for proper mix down processing.

Equipment Available

Drums: vintage Slingerland set with Speed King petal, Ludwig steel snare, Zildjian symbols, and a wide variety of hand percussion devices
Bass: Yamaha 4 string bass with Hartke 3500 amp and 4×10 bass cabinet from Carvin
Keyboard: Korg Triton LE with Behringer 120 watt amp
Guitar amps: Fender hand wired ProReverb, Ampeg hand wired ReverbArocket, Marshall MG, Vox Pathfinder, and TubeWorks Tube Driver
Live sound systems: Fender KXR self-contained 100 watt with 3 channels Carvin 300 watt powered speaker with Yamaha 4 channel mixer, Alesis Multiverb effects, Carvin 600 watt PA head with 8 channels and EQ, reverb Carvin 1000 watt PA head with 12 channels and EQ, 4 DSP effects
Front of house: Carvin with horns, 6″ midrange, and 15″ bottoms
Monitors: Carvin with horns and 12″ bottoms
Microphones by Shure and Carvin

Yamaha AW4416 digital production studio

The following list of artists and their approximate styles demonstrates the range of Rainbow Drive Studios’ experience.

  • Paul Thiessen, country jazz
  • Jim Steager, modern folk, rhythm looping
  • Amanda Thorp, modern rock
  • Beatmaster, old school hip hop
  • Andy Mannheim, future rock
  • Spider Philomiles, contemporary ballads
  • Dusty Rhodes, urban R&B, jazz
  • Curt Evans, contemporary blues
  • Joe Ledva, multi genre bass extraordinaire
  • Sam Lowe Jr., classic jazz, modern ballads
  • Paul Maul, rockabilly, classic rock
  • Connie Edinger, popular ballads, dance rock
  • Charles Kettle, roots reggae
  • Tony Z, Dylanesque folk commentaries
  • The Octave Below, power jazz
  • Chris Rickerhauser, classic rock with Beatle complexities
  • Jessica Saddington, modern ballads
  • RockerBox, classic dance rock
  • Joggyn Smyler, alternative rock
  • Black Market Dynamite, rap rock