Why Open Mics?

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Open Mics serve multiple functions for the music and arts community:

  1. They are the vehicles to get new minstrels started, providing their first performances in front of a supportive audience instead of risking a bad time in front of a critical audience.
  2. Established singers can try new material or new approaches that they would hesitate to do in front of a more critical audience.
  3. Every performer benefits from the supportive group as they gain self-confidence not just musically but from the public speaking as they deal with the audience. Public speaking, as you know, is feared more than death by the majority of Americans. But everyone’s ability to speak up is most importance in the functioning of a democracy, as well as the happiness of the individual.
  4. Perhaps the most important reason to support Open Mics is they offer a viable alternative source of inspiration. Musicians have historically sought inspiration through drugs, which have killed some of the most famous of them. A sad thought is that for all the dozens of musicians you can list that have succumbed to drug problems, there are thousands more that have never became known. Gathering in a group provides more incentive to stay alive as members can help each other through the rough spots. We share lyrical ideas and approaches and springboard into our own ideas.

Some Personal Comments

The thinking listed above can provide you with some idea why I am pursuing “Garfield’s Kitchen” at this point in my life. I am a religious man, but I believe religion speaks most effectively in quiet times. I believe “music is how we will talk in heaven”. I believe in the Kenyan proverb “if you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing”. I hope you can find it in your heart to join us.


I am still working on my core statement of principles, but I just found something interesting at a gym chain called Planet Fitness that fits my beliefs. Let me quote it for you: “We at Planet Fitness are here to provide a unique environment in which anyone, and we mean anyone, can be comfortable. A diverse judgement free zone where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built. Our product is a tool; a means to an end; not a brand name or a mold maker but a tool that can be used by anyone. In the end its all about you. As we evolve and educate ourselves, we will seek to perfect this safe energetic environment where everyone feels accepted and respected. We are not here to kiss your butt, only to kick it if that’s what you need. We need you, because face it, our planet wouldn’t be the same without you. You belong!”